UTD TV Management

Eunjee Chong

Station Manager

I oversee the departments within UTD TV and make sure the organization runs smoothly. I also communicate with other organizations and faculty for collaborations or other miscellaneous projects. Feel free to ask me any questions about our station at stationmanger@utdtv.com

Chris Joseph

News Director

I oversee all the news and sports related programming at UTDTV. The news program provides interesting opportunities like exploring the underground maintenance tunnels and filmming the street racing scene in Dallas. If you are looking for video journalistic experience, then come on by! If you have any questions, email me news@utdtv.com

Antonio Diaz

Entertainment Director

The fun side of UTDTV! Learn how to write scripts for sketch comedy and short films. If you have a great idea for a film, sketch, or short film, we would love to make it into reality! Learn what goes into video production with hands on experience
in cameras, audio, lighting, and a whole lot of action! If you have any questions, email me entertainment@utdtv.com

Rudy Avila

Head Editor

Have you ever wanted to be a wizard but forgot to apply to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? You’re in luck! UTD TV’s Post Production team offers you the chance to perform all the Movie Magic™ you want! We offer a fun and challenging environment with a steady pipeline and communication with the various other departments within our organization. If you’re interested in working in post production or have any questions regarding the Post Production Department, you can contact me at editor@utdtv.com

Bryan Pham

Technical Director

I oversee the technical side of UTD TV and the equipment including the cameras, microphones, lights, and computers. I am also in charge of making sure every production is high quality and runs smoothly. If you have any questions, feel free to email me technology@utdtv.com

Kyrie Collier

Marketing Director

Hey ya! I am the marketing director in charge of handling UTD TV’s image here on campus. If you like creating promotional content, scheduling, organizing events, and working alongside the various sides within UTD TV, you should definitely become a part of my team! Feel free to contact me at marketing@utdtv.com

Valerie Perez

Senior News Producer

Definitely the more professional side of UTD TV! If you’re interested in learning how to report the news, stay up to date on hot topics and stories, this is your opportunity to do it! From delivering special reports, to campus news, and even local and national stories. News is where all the real television magic happens! If you have any questions, email me newsproducer@utdtv.com

Matice Wynn

Sports Producer

From the college sports to the big leagues, we cover it all, always bringing you the latest news in the sports world. If you’re a big sports fan, this could be your chance to report on your favorite teams and players. At UTD TV Sports, you’ll get the chance to root for your team on and off camera, delivering the most recent highlights. Join the fun and show us your spirit! If you have any questions, email me sports@utdtv.com