Amanda Garza

Hello! I am the current Station Manager for UTD TV. This is my 2nd year at UTD and I am an EMAC student in my senior year. I transferred here from Palo Alto College where I got my Associate’s in Journalism. I pretty much help out with everyone’s project and do my part to make our programs a success. I can help you with pretty much anything you need help with, social media engagement, filming, figuring out how to get in contact with people, etc.

Chris Lin

Hello! I’m the current News Director for UTD TV! I’m studying Speech Pathology and Audiology here at UTD and am in my final year.
I’ve worked with The Mercury for 3 years and this is my 2nd year as UTD TV management. I started working with sound engineering and photography in middle school. I also have experience with pre/post production in filming and editing, camera equipment and cinematography.

Kumail Haider

I am a fourth year student studying for my Bachelors in Biochemistry. I have starred in various UTD TV productions before becoming entertainment director, including Taste of Dallas and the Workroom. I have a passion for both medicine and the performing arts, hopefully one day combining the two in the future. I am always looking to expand his horizons and learn new skills by working along side my peers and developing an entertaining program line up for all of UTD.

Stanley Joseph

Hello, I’m the current head editor at the station. I’m a grad student studying accounting, and this is my fourth year at UTD TV. I lead many of the post-production efforts at UTD TV, but I can help you with problems in any stage of production.

Eunjee Chong

Hi! I’m the current marketing director for TV although I also do most of the graphic design work here. I have a double major in ATEC/EMAC with a concentration in User Experience Design and Marketing. This is my 2nd year at UT Dallas and my 2nd year at UTD TV. I will also be producing our entertainment section’s sketch comedy videos as well as helping out with other on and off projects at our studio.

Chris Joseph

Hello! I am the current Technology Director! I was born and raised here in Texas, and am 22 years. My major is Arts and Technology, specializing in sound design. This is my 5th year at UT Dallas and my 2nd year at UTD TV.  I have been working in production sound for the past 9 years. Most of my experience is in live Audio setup and permanent lighting fixtures. I also have experience in Post production audio/video editing, all kinds of audio equipment and some camera experience.